About PACT

The more we travel, the more we learn that life is too boring to be lived in our own little shells, wrapped in the vice of sloth, narrow-minded perceptions, and prejudices of the world outside. There are so many cultures to be experienced, events to be witnessed, cuisines to be tasted, festivals to be celebrated, music to be danced to, languages to be learnt, ideas to be exchanged, and strangers to be befriended – all leading to cherished memories. But, if we choose to be stubborn and arrogant, we will always doubt the unknown. And sadly, it will continue to remain unknown, because we doubt it. PACT aims to break down these barriers – mental, emotional, psychological, intellectual, spiritual, and moral – that limit us to explore the multitude of possibilities when we are threatened by the mystery of conflict.

Conflict is inevitable, disputes are unavoidable, misunderstandings cannot be prevented and mistakes are bound to occur no matter what we try because each one of us is different. Of course, Plan A is to work towards not getting into arguments and fights in our daily lives,  but what we need is a Plan B – a strategy to address and tackle these conflicting situations at different levels, in the hope of ultimately resolving it. People deal with conflict differently; some freeze, others take off in flight mode, but most of us are instigated to fight. However, through familiarity and wisdom, we know that all of the above only results in embarrassing, painful or regretful memories. When faced with conflict, we need to be tuned to act and not react. Acting involves mentally withdrawing from the situation, brainstorming for the best possible options and then choosing the most productive one to manage the conflict situation.

We have seen it all – laws and treaties abused, misused, manipulated, amended, altered, rejected, denied, ignored, ridiculed, violated, and torn to shreds. We have seen people drag their weary souls to a court house for generations, linger there for hours in hope for justice, only to return with a stranger’s judgment which never addressed their real concerns and needs. We have watched people who have lived in harmony for decades and centuries suddenly rupture into riots and violence, spreading fear, mistrust, and insecurity in the society, for reasons and motives they themselves have no clue about. Terrorism, racism, sexism, communalism, and everything else that drives people astray, are rooted in simple differences of opinions and beliefs and you wonder, if people only knew what they were disputing, they could resolve it.

PACT – he Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Trust – was conceived in a hostile, conflicting environment, but since its birth, it has been nurtured by extremely kind and generous souls from around the world. It will soak in the rich bank of experience and knowledge of its family and friends in its mission to be a soldier of peace and a believer of ‘every dispute on earth can be respected and resolved’. The moment we drop that baggage of who we are and where we come from, we reach a space of absolute freedom to connect to another human being on a level that surpasses all our expectations.

There is place beyond who is right and who is wrong, PACT will guide you there…

It’s amazing how people-in-conflict bond when they are guided to this neutral space where there is no one to judge them. People are a fascinating species that has evolved over time to survive pain, loss, hurt and suffering, but surviving isn’t living. Living is about finding closure to negative incidents in our life’s journey and moving on, eventually finding our way to that happy place. This way of life challenges the very foundations of an ancestrally litigious society like that of India’s, but PACT is ready to challenge obstacles with dialogue, take the plunge, and swim against the tide.

PACT has set sail on a journey that will change the face of dispute resolution in India & beyond.

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